It’s all about the experience you get while working with me

Visually compelling images is what this is all about. But I would like to think you will enjoy the process as much as the end result. I can help you create a concept, colour scheme, scout locations and much more.


Portrait Photography

Showing the person behind the business is now more important than ever. Set yourself apart from your competition and become someone your audience can relate to.

What can we dream up together for your unique story? I'm available for on-location photography and studio work.

FROM $575 + GST

Contact me

FROM $575 + GST

I have outlined the most important stages of our shoot together. I want this process to be as straightforward and easy for you as possible. No hidden fees, fast delivery and excellent results.

What happens next?


Briefly outline what type of images you are after and the story behind your brand or business. Don't worry, I will ask all the right questions to get us started! You will receive a quote for the work you are after.


We start creating a concept

This is the fun part! If you are working with an advertising agency or graphic designer we will work together to achieve the look you are after. This phase involves a moodboard, colour scheme and location scouting.


The shoot & deliverables

Depending on the package you have chosen, we will work tirelessly to tell the story of your brand and business. After 3 days you will receive your first preview of a select number of photos. The final images will be ready for you between 2-4 weeks.

How many photos will I receive?


The number of photos will be dependent on the amount of hours you have booked with me. Visit my packages page to learn about these. In some cases you will have the option of handpicking your own favourite images from your online gallery.

Will I be able to use the images how I please?

The user rights of the images will be dependent on the marketing channels you are going to use. We will discuss the options you have and sign an agreement to give you the licence you are after.